We are conducting a landscape analysis of participatory surveillance systems which will be used to create a global repository and to share how these systems are changing the face of public, environmental and animal health. 

In our recent analysis of systems across the globe, we have discovered many programs; however, we are aware many may be active and just not yet present in scientific journals. 

We want to ensure our efforts accurately reflect the excellent work in participatory surveillance being conducted globally across the One Health spectrum.

Would it be possible for you to share our request for names and contact information for participatory surveillance systems with the SAOH Network? We are interested in systems covering plant, livestock, companion animal, wildlife, human health, One Health, and environment/ecosystem health.

We are asking those with active participatory surveillance systems to complete this surveySAOH members are welcome to directly fill out the survey if they are working on a participatory surveillance system or to email us the names and contact information for participatory surveillance systems they are familiar within their country. Once identified, participatory systems are sent this brief online survey to learn more about their program to ensure accurate representation in our assessment. We would appreciate receiving responses by August 15, 2021, if possible. 

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. SAOH members may also want to mark their calendars for the fourth International Workshop on Participatory Surveillance which will be held fall 2022 in Cambodia.